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  • Recording basic information about Doctors, Patients, Services, Medicine and other Inventory Items
  • Record Transactions of multiple flows like
    • Financial Entries Flow
    • Purchase Flow
    • Outpatient Flow
    • Inpatient Flow
    • Diagnostic
    • Services Flow
    • Payroll Flow

Doctor Master

  • Create / Edit Doctor Master and details of Doctor
  • Unlimited Levels of Grouping
  • Tree View / Grid View of Doctors
  • Properties of Doctors Group Wise
  • Rename and Inactive Employees
  • Visiting Hours Definition
  • Present and Permanent Address information
  • Qualification, Experience and Specialisation Information of Doctor


Medical Services Master

  • Add or Remove Medical Services Provided in Hospital
  • Additional Description for Medical Services
  • Price Definition for Services Provided
  • Categorization of Services Provided

OP Registration Charges Definition

  • Define OPD Charges
  • Doctor Wise
  • OPD Wise
  • With Effect From - to maintain History of Prices


OP Registration Window

  • Register Outpatient
  • Record Referred Doctor Details
  • Define OP Validity
  • Payments with different Payment methods

OP Review / Revisit / Renewal

  • Record Revisiting and Review details of Outpatients

Inpatient Advance Receipt

  • Inpatient Advance Receipt


IP Registration Details

  • Record IP Registration Details
  • Convert OP Registration as IP Registration
  • Allot Room to Inpatient
  • Record Insurance Details
  • Record Advance Payment Details of Inpatients

Inpatient Services

  • Record Inpatient Services issued to patient on a Bed or in a Room
  • Services like
    • Medical Services
    • Food Services
    • Nursing Services
    • Other Services


Discharge Bill

Capture Discharge Information

  • Patient Details
  • IP Services issued
  • Clinical History
  • Examinations of Patient during stay
  • Investigations History of Patient during stay
  • Treatment provide to Patient
  • Room Charges
  • Payments Collected for Discharge
  • Medical Advices to Patient